Albert Kriemler, designer at Akris, states on the official Akris website: “When a woman walks into a room, I want people to notice her personality first and her clothing second.”

Well, not if the woman is wearing this Punto printed dress. The vivid color, the unique shape of the collage and the Arc Du Triomphe in Paris image revealed by the clipping are all so memorable and sophisticated that there is no way the woman wearing it is going to be noticed first. And that is why we like this dress so much! It stands out wherever you are, it makes an impression and proves that high end fashion is not always about expensive materials, but sometimes only about a great idea.

The dress is part of the spring/summer 2013 Punto collection, a set of prêt a porter items inspired by the Parisian boulevards in a hot summer afternoon. We love Paris in the summer, especially if we’re wearing this Akris printed dress and walking on Champs Elysees with a cup of pistachio ice cream in our hand.

If you like this dress as much as we do, you can order it here.

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