If you believe that riding your bike is not enough for saving the planet and you need to take another step, let us introduce you to the new Guapa bike. It is made especially for the ones concerned with their carbon footprint. Since most sportswear (including bikes) is made out of carbon fiber, a very sustainable, light and flexible material, it was about time for a different product aimed at eco-concerned sports lovers.

When designing the Sustainable Bamboo Bike, English innovative label Guapa got its inspiration from techniques and materials used in surfing and wake-boarding. They chose Bamboo because it is worldwide known for being one of the world’s fastest-growing plants and it is highly resistant as well.

The end product is not only an ecological light sustainable bike, but also a very beautiful item. The bamboo frames have that classical look modern bikes lost along the way. Premium materials are used for pedals, rims and cranks.

The Guapa Bamboo Bikes are currently under production as we speak and they will arrive in stores at the beginning of 2014. The first models released will be a single speed bike and a Dutch town one.

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