Who doesn’t love flowers in bloom? This is one of the reasons everybody loves springtime! All flowers and trees bloom, the nature is full of color and volume! We are happy to announce you that furniture designers have let themselves inspired by this amazing beauty! This is how we now have on our wish list the outstanding Bloom Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue. Thanks to him, we now can decorate our home with a forever blooming object, beautifully colored, with a perfectly natural shape and a fine textural finishes.

This Bloom Chair is quite unique, even though so simple. Place it in your home and you can enjoy spring every day of the year.

Furthermore, even though it is delicate like a fragile flower, the chair is resistant: it has a steel base and a resin core.

You can embellish your living room with it, place it in the garden during autumn or even on your covered terrace in winter. It is a mood lifter for anyone who lays eyes on it, don’t you think?

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