In case you need some organizing and a new box to keep your precious jewelry in, here is the new Bottega Veneta set of outstanding artsy boxes. This is the third box collection designed by Nancy Lorenz for Bottega Veneta. The other two, Lunar Landscapes (2003) and the Botanical collection (2002) sold out immediately.

The Skies and Beyond boxes are functional and eccentric, like most of Bottega Veneta creations. They re made out of wood covered in leather or suede. The lids are truly remarkable. Each of the 25 models is an intricate network of layers and materials (gold, silver, palladium, caplain and others)I nlaid with mother of pearl. The cracks and marks of the materials are intentionally left to roam and merge to create unique visual happenings captured into a solid surface.

The boxes are gorgeous in a very inviting way. Just by seeing their pictures and you feel the need to touch their surface. This is definitely the work of a true artist!

The 25 leather and suede numbered one of a kind boxes can be acquired only by personal shopper, if interested send an email to, Phone no: 0039 02 70 060 415

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