You think your Swarovsky earrings are shiny? Put your sunglasses on and then take a look at this luxurious bathtub named Petit Bateau! We say it recently changed the definition of shiny! Catchpole & Rye designed and created this amazing art object in their Kent foundry, where it can be found as we speak in the showroom.

The bathtub is made from cast metal with an enamel interior. The 22.000 Swarovski crystals on the outside were mounted by hand during a 200 hours project. The four different types of white crystals were stuck in a specific pattern, so that the reflection of the light creates a well studied effect. If you are not a fan of white sanitary objects, the Petit Bateau can be custom made with green, blue or gold Swarovski crystals. You can also have your name or family crest highlighted with crystals on the front of the bathtub.

The Petit Bateau rests on four claw feet engraved with the Catchpole & Rye logo. It is available by order at Harrods. And after you buy it, you can celebrate the acquisition with a bath in La Strada vanilla ice cream, they say it’s the new trend this year!

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