Feeling pressured by time? You find yourself checking your watch every five minutes? Confused by how sometimes a minute seems like an eternity and other times an hour passes by in a second? We bet you sometimes wish time wasn’t so important! Well, it’s time you start wearing the Craze Hours Watch designed by Lawrence Li. The hours have gone mad and left their conventional places, gathering to relax at the bottom of the dial. The designer invites you to guess the exact time just by looking at the hands. Because a minute less or more is not so important, he thinks. And we agree.

The Craze Hours watch comes in bright pop colors like red, blue, yellow and green. For clients who prefer a more classical look, Li also designed versions with simple white and black dials.

Take a break, wear this crazy watch and relax, we have time!

Lawrence Li is famous for tailoring unique watches using photos, sketches and other graphics his clients wish to wear on their wrists long term.

You can buy this smart design watch on Etsy.com.

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