It was about time Hermes, the designer of all most expensive perfect looking luxury items on Earth, launched a pricey T-Shirt. It’s part of the 2013 menswear spring collection and it is made of lightweight dyed crocodile. We agree, it looks great, and the price is Hermes-style!
The Awl blog has proof (see photo on your right). This is the actual price tag of the crocodile T-Shirt in the Hermes men’s store on Madison Avenue, New York City.

Not your usual shopping expense, we now! But it’s a Hermes, and it’s probably more comfortable to wear than the most expensive t-Shirt in the world, made out of organic cotton and decorated with 16 certified handset diamonds. This t-Shirt was designed and produced by a company named Superlative Luxury and it’s the ONLY product of this company. It costs 400.000 USD.

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