We love ice cream, right? It’s the perfect desert. Tasty, creamy, flavored, refreshing, not too much sugar, but oh so much pleasure in one tiny scoop. Or maybe two. Or should I say three?

Some of us eat their ice cream straight from the box. Others like to play with it. Decorate their plates with fruits and leaves, combine creamy textures with fresh sorbets in a rainbow of smashing colors. Too bad scoops are so difficult to stack, right?’

Well, fortunately for all of us ice cream architects out there, Cuisipro recently invented the Ice Cream Scoop and Stack. It creates perfect cylindrical blocks of ice cream that can be decorated or stacked for a creative presentation.

The scoop and stack is fast, sharp and easy to use. Just push its nose through the hard sorbet, twist it, lift then place it over the plate and push the release button.

It comes in three colors and can be ordered here.

Now let’s see: hazelnut with mango sorbet and a fresh mint leaf? Or maybe blackcurrant with ginger and chocolate? Thank God we have 17 La Strada flavors to test the Ice Cream Scoop and Stack! We’re gonna build tastilicios skyscrapers of yum!

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