Beauty comes not only from within, that’s what we at La Strada believe. That’s why we designed these special packages for our ice cream cups. We want our product to stand out and make the person carrying it feel like strolling on a catwalk. Our ice cream is not only tasty, but also beautiful, because yes, looks are important in every aspect of human life.
Even in chess tournaments! Maybe you think just because chess is a game of the mind, players don’t care too much about the aspect of the pieces. But the World Chess Organization definitely knows better, since they commissioned Pentagram Company to redesign the official chess set used in international competition. Daniel Weil, partner at Pentagram, was in charge or rethinking and building the chess playing board and the pieces.
The classical Staunton set designed in 1849 by architect Nathanial Cook has been used until recently without exception in all official competitions and privately owned sets mimicked the original Cook design.
Well, not anymore, because the new set is so beautiful that every chess passionate will buy one in the next months! The new set is currently being used in the World Chess London Candidates Tournament, where 23 year old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, rated the best player in history, is playing with them as we speak.
According to Weil, ‘We want to sharpen the theatricality of the game and allow the players to be the characters that they are.’ He took into account not only the looks of the pieces, but also the comfort of the player holding them. He also changed the color of the base of the pieces, from Victorian Green to black and white felt. His pieces are more visible, structured and express hierarchy through the width of the pieces (the king has the largest base).
The elegant new set can be bought here (rosewood and maple board included). It makes a great gift for the men in our lives, don’t you think?