Let us introduce to you the sexiest high heels ever designed! Your eyes see well, yes: the heels are shaped like a pair of long slim high-heeled legs! The idea is so beautiful and so exquisitely executed that we wonder why hasn’t anyone thought of this before! The new collection is called Doll Heels and is the dream of outstanding shoe lovers all over the world! They are made in Hellas, Greece, by the luxury fashion designer Dukas.

When people talk about Greece, the conversation is usually about the Greek island beaches, about stuffed calamari and how refreshing the tzatziki sauce is. Greek Fashion is not something you talk or hear about very often. That happens because there is only one Greek prêt-a-porter fashion brand famous and sold all over the world: Dukas.

Discover with us his 2013 Doll collection. Suede Doll, Glitter Doll, Sandals, Metallic Pumps. Get your credit card ready, there are at least three models worth buying. Have you seen the Bridal Doll Heels? And the pink satin pumps are gorgeous and a perfect match with our raspberry sorbet!

You can shop Dukas online here.

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