Home is where your dream kitchen is, right? Where the guys cook Italian pasta for the girls, and the girls chat over a huge bowl of ice cream.

Well, sit down on you favorite chair and read this: your dream kitchen just got upgraded with the perfect sink! It is made out of 200 kilos of amethyst arranged by hand on a beautifully shaped Franke sink.

The luxurious sink is designed and created by Jake Levy as a collaboration of Franke Kitchen Systems with the International Stone Collection. The starting point was the standout Franke’s Polyedro sink, encrusted with 100 amethyst crystals during 240 hours of laborious.

The pillar of the Jake Levy sink is a piece of handcrafted marble brought from Italy.

The extravagant sink started a presentation tour: the first exhibition took place in Kuweit, followed by UK and Switzerland, where it will remain for a final auction in search of a permanent kitchen to be installed in.

The presentation video is here.