Do you have a secret? If you want to keep it safe, this beautiful chair might help. It is called the Secret Clubhouse Chair, was created by Swedish designer Martin Vallin and produced by Cappellini. The most beautiful part is (apart from its shape) that it is made entirely out of recycled wood. The nice round compact form makes this chair perfect for any modern living room or bedroom.

The velvety interior and the cozy seating offer a great getaway space. You can rest in it, relax in it, hide your secrets there and become invisible to rest of the world.

We love the idea behind it, we love the execution, the perfect lines and finishing touches, we like it because it looks comfortable and intimate and because it is eco-friendly. The Secret Clubhouse Chiar is definitely on our wish list.

And here is a video of designer Martin Vallin building the chair from scratch.

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