There are so many beautiful watch models in the world that it is almost impossible to decide which one to buy or offer as a gift to a loved one. Diamonds, transparent backs, pink gold, flying tourbillions, timepiece designers outdo themselves each season with the most amazing ideas.

One of our favorites is the simplest of all. Actually, it is not even a watch. It is a mock watch: it has a watch bracelet and it looks like a watch from a distance, but it has a circular magnifying glass where the dial should be.

So every time you look at it, you see your face, or your magnified nose or a huge eye. It will surprise you and it will make you laugh. It will make you kids and friends laugh! The perfect accessory, if you ask us!

The glass mock watch was designed by Ann Demeulemeester with silver tone hardware. It has a lleather strap in black and a pin buckle closure. It is made in Germany and can be bought here.

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