The perfect place for relaxation after a long day If I had a penny for every time I lingered in a hammock and dreamt about having a bath in it… I would definitely have the money to buy this limited edition Splinter Works bathtub with the perfect shape of a comfortable hammock. The Vessel is the ideal place for a relaxed evening: you lay in it surrounded by hot water and let your body release all the tension and the negative energy.

The Vessel is made out of carbon fiber, known for its resistance in time, with a foam core especially designed to maintain the water warm for a longer period of time. The 2.7 m long hammock bathtub doesn’t touch the floor, just like a real hammock, and that’s what makes it so cool: is suspended on the side walls with stainless steel brackets. The tub is filled with a floor standing tap placed next to the Vessel. The water is evacuated through a discreet hole placed above the floor drain.
You can have this beautiful object in your bathroom in black, red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.
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