One of the things all fashion lovers should do in life is own a Hermes scarf. For many years now they have been icons of elegance and style, beautiful, yet simple, with unquestionable taste, a true status indicator.

The 2013 Spring/Summer Hermes scarf collection is so outstanding we were left speechless for minutes after browsing the catalogue. The beauty and grace of model Karlie Kloss is breathtaking, and the photos taken by David Sims are impeccable: thanks to the lighting and poses, the scarves seem to embrace Karlie like she is swimming in pure silk. But the scarves, oh my…

The design is so catchy and sensual that silk is definitely the best canvas to enhance their finesse and fluidity. And the colors are so lively and in perfect match that we can only hope to be able to buy all of them.

They are so gorgeous it doesn’t even matter what clothes you wear if you wrap your shoulders with one of these beauties. They are all square-shaped, like all scarves signed by Hermes. Not to mention that if you are brave enough, you can wear them as dresses!

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