We’ve first heard about industrial designer Laffon de Mazieres when he created the concept for the Hermes Sonata, a bluetooth headset for Hermes. Thanks to the carbon structure and the minimalist design, the headset is as light as a feather. The silk, leather and silver finishes make the Hermes Sonata an exquisite high tech device.

But the subject of our post is not the Hermes Sonata. We are here today to praise this beautiful red loveseat designed by the same Emmanuel Laffon de Mazieres in the shape of infinity. Since the infinity symbol and number 8 are similar in shape, the red sofa was named Huit Sofa.

The cushioned interior makes it comfortable and cozy, allowing the two people sitting on it to interact if they want to, or to enjoy their privacy if they turn their backs and cuddle on their side of the sofa.

The Huit Sofa is also ideal for two people who want to nap without bothering each other. Not to mention that is gorgeous! Just imagine you and your lovebird sitting face to face, making summer plans and tasting a Morello cherry La Strada sorbet.

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