Hello, Hermes fans all over the world! You have your bags all aligned, stored in perfect conditions and worn with pride, but did you take a ride in the new special edition Hyundai Equus by Hermes?

The redesign and implementation took a little over two years: 20 items were handmade by Hermes artisans especially for Equus by Hermes. The result is spectacular: the door panels are lined with crocodile leather, the rear center console is inspired by aircrafts, and the backseat is pampered with a folding table with four cup holders and a special storage space for a travel blanket.

Unfortunately for all the fans, the Equus by Hermes will not be produced for sale. The three models already built will be kept as reminder of this landmark collaboration.

This is not the first fashion stunt performed by Hyundai. In 2009, Prada helped with the creation of the limited series Tres-Chic Genesis, but only a third of the cars built were sold.

We don’t want to buy it. We just want to take a ride to Paris in it, drinking champagne and tasting La Strada ice cream on the way.

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