This outstanding set of bronze and horn bangles got our attention because it very much resembles an extravagant caramel desert. And since we are so in love with sweets, especially La Strada ice creams and sorbets, it was only natural that we fell in love with Ashley Pittman’s Kumi bangles.

For a few years, Ashley was a volunteer for a HIV program in Rwanda. During her work there, she became familiar with Kenyan traditional art and crafting techniques. She learned how to transform horn and bronze into magnificent pieces of jewelry, some embellished with East-African semi-precious stones. Nowadays, most of Ashley Pittman’s work includes African symbols and materials and sometimes are produced by local artisans that Pittman supports and promotes.

Back to our sweet set of bangles. The 12 handmade pieces are made of natural horn (obtained    without harm from animals) and golden bronze and, worn together, make a modern statement about the importance of our heritage.

You can buy the gorgeous of bangles here.

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