LA STRADA presents a fresh collection of cool prêt-a-porter cocktails designed to pamper your taste buds with the most interesting and daring combinations between ice cream or sorbets and drinks. You are invited to discover the new trend in cocktails and try the most surprising drinks, with unexpected great taste and refreshing.

Try the following recipes for the best ice cream cocktail home-made.

LA STRADA Mojito contains:

Mojito (2) Mojito

LA STRADA Strawberry Margarita is made of:

Strawberry Margarita (2) Strawberry Margarita

LA STRADA Ginger & Mango Non-Alcoholic contains:

Ginger & Mango Non alcoolic (2) Ginger & Mango Non alcoolic

The flavor and texture of LA STRADA sorbets and ice creams give life to the most elegant cocktails, perfect for any situation when you need to subtly stand out. Taste one of the new LA STRADA cocktails, you will have an amazing experience!

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