Some of the most popular fashion bloggers savored the ice cream, welcomed the story of the brand and included LA STRADA in their favorite outfits for the most stylish photo shootings this summer.

On Fashezine, Ioana writes:

“My recipe for making a statement?
You take one part vintage Armani with two parts Christian Lacroix adorned sandals and combine them carefully. Then, to top it all off, gradually add your choice of LA STRADA ice cream. And don’t forget that the fancy packaging is different from one flavor to the other so you can easily pick and choose the perfect one to go with your couture apparel.
Classic and elegant, couture and extravagant, fun and quirky, modern and dynamic, sophisticate and intense, cool and fashionable, LA STRADA is the perfect accessory for this summer. Wear your true colors on the street!”

Ana Morodan, the author of HighStreetCardigans blog, writes:

“I came home on Monday evening ready to pack and leave for a few days to my favorite spa in Bulgaria, when I remembered this precise movie situation. While entering the kitchen my first thought was to test the new LA STRADA ice cream that filled my ice box a few days earlier.
That was the moment when I understood. I understood the difference between eating a simple ice cream and a premium one, I understood the power of true flavor and fruit savor that was not chemical! Well, I don’t know if those people we see in movies pick the best ice cream but you know I am a picky countess so this ice cream adapts to my requests perfectly (#life, #smile, #yum)”

Ioana writes on Mauvert Blog that LA STRADA is the coolest summer accessory!

“Like the uncrowned queen of street style, Anna Dello Russo, liked to say, couture outfits work best during an early morning, so I set up a breakfast in bad form the minibar, with the premium LA STRADA ice cream, cool champagne and sensual lace, for the perfect start of a glamour week end.”

Alina is happy to be reminded of childhood with the LA STRADA strawberry sorbet. On her blog My Silk Fairytale, she says:

“The way you dress is a declaration of your inner self: your feelings, your personality, your view upon the world. Show it to others and open your eyes and see what the others show you! It will be worth your while, you’ll see!
Mean while, enjoy the luxurious texture of the fruit sorbet and the decadent flavors of the creamy LA STRADA Gelato.“

Stella writes on her fashion blog:

Yes, ice cream has the power to make the street beautiful. Through its packaging, through the way it makes you feel. Assort the street to yourself, with your smile, with your style. The street is where you spend your time, where people look at you and your look at them. Change the color in your colors!
I walked on the street with my favorite ice cream in my hand and caught every eye out there!”modniza2 mysilkfairytale mysilkfairytale2 4-fashezine-la-strada-couture-ice-cream fashezine highstreetcardigans2 highstreetcardigans3 mauvert mauvert2 modniza

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