LA STRADA is now present in the coolest and most fashionable terraces in Old Center downtown Bucharest. The beautiful LA STRADA menus go very well together with the original menus of the selected locations, strategically placed on some of the most beautiful streets of the old quartier, all very appreciated by locals and tourists as well. The outstanding LA STRADA window cases color the old inter-war streets and invite people to smile and enjoy summer!

Clock’s Pub is located on one of the most used access street in Old Center, close to the Universitate Metro exit, next to a very popular cinema hall.

C. Craioveanu Art & Café, located on one of the sunniest streets in Old Center, is the perfect place to meet interesting tourists travelling to Bucharest.

French Bakery Smardan is one of the most loved bistros in Bucharest thanks to its French style quiches and tarts and very chic terrace.

You can taste LA STRADA in Snack Attack as well, after savoring a fresh salad or a chicken sandwich.

Modelier is a recently opened terrace with a selected fashion-lover clientele.

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