The LA STRADA launch event took place on May 30 in University Square (Bucharest) in the presence of local fashion designers, VIPs, press and Facebook fans. They witnessed the first fashion show projected 3D on a landmark building in the square.

In an outstanding first-time project, LA STRADA invited eight young Romanian designers to participate in creating the first ever collaborative street fashion collection. Maria Marinescu, Andra Andreescu, Cristian Samfira, Razvan Firea, Madalina Dorobantu, Andreea Tincu, Corina Vladescu and Mirela Fraser designed 25 street outfits presented to the public in an outstanding 3D projection.

The designer outfits were all inspired by the look and feel of LA STRADA ice cream, the first prêt-a-porter ice cream. The concept of the event was “The street is changing. Be yourself, dare to wear outstanding outfits and cool accessories (like a beautiful cup of ice cream) and soon the street will become a colorful setting, dynamic and inspiring like a cat walk.”

Browse the photos to check out the atmosphere of the event and the outfits of the VIPs present.

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