La Strada taste the world

Inspired by the fascinating and sophisticated world of fashion, LA STRADA is an ice cream “fashion icon”, which encapsulates the spirit of the Italian streets. Its range of flavors is like a collection of clothes with various prints inspired by authentic ingredients. But the secret that lies behind LA STRADA ice cream’s spectacular look are exactly these ingredients that are underlying its perfect recipes.

To understand why it is so good, LA STRADA ice cream’s new campaign “LA STRADA. TASTE THE WORLD” invites us on an imaginary journey to the sunny and exotic lands of Madagascar, India and California, places from which we bring the vanilla, mango and pistachios.

“Whether we talk about classic ice cream, artisanal ice cream or the fine, fresh and rich in fruits sorbets, we always use the best ingredients in the world, so that our creations will be perfect. Through the new campaign “LA STRADA. TASTE THE WORLD.” the public is taken to the source of the ingredients, where they are grown with experience and tradition, carefully collected and brought in the laboratories of the most passionate ice cream makers,” says Oana Stincel, LA STRADA Marketing Manager.


India is the origin of the best mango in the world. We find it in a 45% proportion in LA STRADA Mango Sorbet. With a deliciously refreshing, contemporary taste, the mango sorbet stands out through the unconventional look and the authentic taste of fresh mango, which we will take us in the fascinating atmosphere of India.


The faraway Madagascar is the home of the purest and most sought Bourbon vanilla pods. With LA STRADA Vanilla ice cream, we feel the exotic safari thrill and rebuild in our minds the road taken by the best vanilla from its origin… to us. With a delicate texture and unmistakable flavor, the vanilla ice cream will always be a timeless piece among all flavors.

LA STRADA Pistachio

The most intense pistachio is brought from the sunny California. This perfects the taste of LA STRADA Pistachio ice cream and invites you to feel the thrill and vibration of America. With a unique flavor and an original style, this ice cream is an eternal source of inspiration for true trendsetters.

Many other special flavors and authentic tastes complete the delicious collection of LA STRADA ice cream and sorbets. The curiosity of those who try it will be fully rewarded by flavors such as: Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Yogurt & Cherry, Dark Belgian Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut, Cappuccino, Lemon & Lime, Pear, Caramel Butter Toffee and Tiramisu.

We will be able to explore a whole world from anywhere and at any moment.

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