Not long ago, bows were accessories designated exclusively for black tie events and orchestra concerts. Now, you can wear the right bow tie practically anywhere, and if you choose it right, it can make a cool fashion statement about you.
We like Christian Chaun Bow House because they design haute couture bow ties that can be worn only by the true fashionists. Look at the golden leather bow at your right, embellished with golden roses and a golden chain:
It’s beautiful, memorable and elegant, but would it fit with your regular Saturday party on the neck of your buddy? We thought so.

Cristopher Chaun also makes prêt-a-porter bow ties, created in leather or denim. The colors are vibrant, the details are carefully designed and executed by hand.

We like them all, because they are naughty and loud, and we believe style should always make a statement.

You can buy them online here.