Summer Well  is the most laid back alternative music festival in Romania. The audience is young and diverse, from students to creatives and economists, all fans of outdoors music festivals and eager to have fun in a relaxed space.

The bands on stage usually bring a special message to the audience, whether we are talking about freedom speeches or save-the-planet lyrics. Suede, the XX and the Vaccines were amazing on stage, while the younger Spector made quite a show with his black humour jokes.

Summer Well takes place every year in August on Stirbey Domain, a well organized green area 15 km away from Bucharest. The Domain has its own lake, around which several relaxation areas are placed. You can enjoy an ice cream or a cold beer by the lake, lay in the shadow, have a snack in the food court.
LA STRADA was happy to get in touch with the amazing Summer Well public! Six new flavours (Rocher, Cookies, Mint Chocolate, Butter Toffee, Green Tea and Pekan Nuts) made quite an impression on the young music lovers, we took pictures and had fun together while waiting for the bands to perform.

We believe good ice cream makes great team with exceptionally good music!