The works of Swedish Architecture and Design Company Claeston Koivisto Rune are so extraordinary because they ignore all rules and customs and somehow succeed in convincing materials to follow the line of the designers’ unlimited imagination. The buildings, sofas, chairs, carpets, vases and jewelry CKR designs are outstanding in shape, color and execution.

Their most recent stunt is this.

You will need a living room the size of a football stadium to accommodate the Luna couch in your flat, but it is so beautiful that it is worth the investment.

The Luna couch is 6 m wide and 5 m deep, it has a sitting surface of 30 sq m with round crater-like spaces for the guests’ feet. It is made out of a padded plywood frame with polyurethane foam on the sitting area. The ceiling of the sofa has special lightning spots and the backrest is actually a rounded wall.

We love it. It looks like the perfect spot to lay in after a busy day at the office. No TV or internet, just you and a cup of La Strada sorbet on this oversized beautiful Luna couch. Let’s see now, what flavor of ice cream would you eat on the moon?