We thought we are not the type of people who would attempt to devour their own handbags. But with these cuties, you never know! Not only they look exactly like French Macarons, they also smell just like them. The creators of this amazing accessory had a change purse in mind when they designed the mini-wonders, but we are not sure the owners of the scented Macaron look alike bags will be strong enough to carry them in their totes and not feel the constant need to taste them.

Macaron Coin purse is made out of a special leather like fabric that resembles the delicate airy texture of the French cookie. And instead of the delicious filling you have the delicate zipper that helps you keep your change safely.

These wonders come in six different colors: orange, white, pink, brown, green, and yellow. And wow, your coins will smell like heaven when you will take them out to pay for a chocolate, for example. The cashiers will definitely remember you!

They are available for sale here.

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