For a few decades now, Maison Michel has been designing and producing state of the art hats and head wear for the public, for celebrities but also for fashion houses.

In 1980s, Pierre Cardin was the first to integrate Maison Michel hats in their collection. Dior, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and Yohji Yamamoto soon followed and Maison Michel became a trend setter and must-have must-wear hat designer.

Their hats and head pieces are made of straw, satin, velvet, felt and leather of all colors and shapes. All mind blowing.

The fun part is that you can order any model or design on your measures and in four weeks you can have it delivered home. Isn’t that amazing?

Their 2013 spring/summer collection, designed by Laetitia Crahay, Head of Accessories and Jewelry for Chanel and Artistic Director of Maison Michel is outstanding. Here are our favorites:

Imagine walking on the boulevard with this hat on and a cup of La Strada strawberry in your hand.

Or strolling in the park, your face covered like this, so you can savor La Strada chocolate ice cream unspotted.

You can fall in love with the entire Maison Michel collection heremaison chocolate maison michel dots maison vanilla