The first thought that popped into our heads when we saw this cuff was: OMG, how did they make it so perfect? The polish is flawless, it looks like it was made by aliens!

But no, the golden cuff is definitely made by humans, by Maiyet artisans, to be precise.

Maiyet is a luxury brand based on designs inspired by traditional artisanal skills all over the world. The Maiyet craftsmen come from Colombia, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, India and Indonesia. Their products are special because they have that l  ocal human touch that mass production lacks. They are rare and beautiful, very different from one another and handcrafted with enormous attention to detail.

Coming back to the perfectly polished golden cuff, the best match for it to shine like the queen of your outfit is a long simple black dress and a pair of golden roman sandals.

You can buy this outstanding bracelet here.

The Maiyet e-shop is here, have fun in it!

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