What do you expect to find when you open a matchstick? Let me guess: matches, right?
Well, this matchstick is not our usual matches’ keeper. It hosts one of the five simple yet so beautiful diamond charm pendants representing a girl, a boy, a dog, a small heart and a bigger heart. These are all life symbols for creator Louise Carter, art designer and photography consultant in the UK. After being Show Director for the 2006 London Fashion Week, Louise became involved with all activities of British Fashion Council. She is now an opinion leader and one of the most creative designers in London. To everyone’s surprise, at the end of 2012 she left the British Fashion Council to launch her own jewelry brand. That’s how Matchstick Jewelry came into existence.

matchstick1 matchstick2 matchstick3 matchstick4 matchstick5 matchstick6 matchstick7 matchstick9The small range Matchstick collection includes five model pendants all carrying a 1-carat diamond mounted in 18 carat yellow, white or rose gold. Each pendant is hosted in a special oversized matchstick box illustrated with contemporary art.
The entire collection and the Matchstick e-shop is here.
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