La Strada ice creams and sorbets can now be tasted and taken home in the only Mega Image Concept Store in Romania, recently launched in Bucharest.

Mega Image makes a new step in its evolution on the Romanian market by introducing the Concept Store, a lab for the future where together with suppliers, new concepts will be introduced and tested. The Mega Image concept store is located in Piața Gemeni. “This is an open invitation to all the people in Bucharest to try a new shopping experience”, Xavier Piesvaux, General Manager Mega Image, declared to the press.

The new Concept Store includes an exotic fruit and rare vegetables department. Here you can find rambutan, kumquats, mangustan (in the fruit area), marmande tomatoes, vitellote potatoes. In the meat department, professional butchers help customers choose the perfect type of meat, mince and cut the products according to the customers’ wishes. Here you will find fresh deer steak, quality beef and boar steak.

La Strada is present in Mega Image Concept Store with a complex island that includes a scooping area where all the 17 La Strada flavors are present. Each day, one of the flavors is offered for a free tasting experience. You can take them home in scoops placed in a special casserole, if you want to combine several flavors, or buy the 120 or 500 ml cups from the special Mega Image ice cream refrigerators.

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