Spikes are in trend this year. A few months ago you could only find them in dogs’ collars, but now they are all over: on jackets, bracelets, bags and elegant dresses. At least half of all must-have items in 2013 have metallic spikes on them! So you can see why we are not easily impressed by a multitude of spikes on a small clutch.

But this precious small clutch by Louboutin, the Mina clutch, certainly got our attention! Because it is just perfect, with its golden leather and high density golden spikes, oval shape and golden closure clasp!

The interior is the signature deep red leather lining hidden in all Louboutin clutches. Mina also has a detachable shoulder chain in case you need both your hands free!

Wear it with an all black (or intense red) outfit and high heels and you will be the center of attention!

You can buy this amazing clutch here. And hurry up, Mina sold out twice on the US site!

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