Most phone cases that offer solid protection look awful, let’s admit that now, please. We have been browsing the internet for a cute elegant case that stands out, makes a statement about how cool we are, but also keeps the device safe. The news is good, friends, we found it!

It is called The Little Black Book Case and it looks exactly like a little Moleskine agenda. It is made out of wood with satin interior available in several colors. The grip is excellent and the case comes with a special interior pocket that can hide your cards or money if you have a short trip to make and want to leave your bag and wallet at home.

The phone can easily be removed from the case with the special designed ribbon.
The downside is that the case is a bit bigger that the usual skin-on case, but we say it’s worth the extra space it occupies in your bag. It has the special old charm that can ad so much warmth and value to a modern device such as a mobile phone. It is fit for iPhone 4, but a more luxurious version is now on sale for iPhone 5.
The little Black Book Case is available here       .

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