To celebrate two decades of Happy Sport watch, the luxury Swiss jewelry house Chopard designed the first customizable watch in the history of luxurious timepieces. The Happy Sport watch was the first in watch crafting to incorporate steel and diamonds, and the result was a very enthusiast reaction from both fashion world and the public, a real classic timepiece.

The anniversary My Happy Bespoke Passion Watch is even more lovable because you can choose the way your favorite watch looks like. You can pick the color of your stones (blue or pink sapphires) and the moving charms inserted in the case on the main dial. The bracelet also comes in a wide variety of colors (steel or colored leather straps). Choose your design and wait for the Geneva craftsmen to build by hand your amazing time piece.

The My Happy Bespoke Passion Watch is a beautiful watch to have, especially since it’s the kind of jewelry that you can wear all the time and pass it on to your daughter as a family treasure.

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