Designers Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety got the idea of creating a personal relaxation space in the shape of an oversized bird nest when visiting Costa Rica. This is where they first noticed a lot of bird nests in the shape of teardrops that seemed very comfortable for their occupants.
The nestrest pod is an excellent place for socialization, meditation and rest. It is made out of a special strong dedon fiber very resistant to wind and tear. It allows fresh air to wonder through it, it lets you take a look around but keeps you safe from indiscreet gazes. It is the perfect hideout, especially if you hang it from a branch and you let it swing in the breeze. The nest rest can also stand on the ground if you don’t have any trees strong enough around.
It is not a reasonable thing to buy, you just love it and decide to buy it, Daniel Pouzet says. If you decide you love it, you can order it here.

Watch a video of designers Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety talking about how Nestrest Pod was born.

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