You think you’ve seen them all: leather couches, sofas that look like candy or like the moon, armchairs in the shape of human beings, but this sofa will surely knock you off your feet! It was designed by the famous Gaetano Pesce for the Cassina brand and it is called Notturno a New York (which means Night in New York).

Amazingly enough, this sofa is the perfect representation of a sunset in New York City. The sky line of the most vivid city in the world is geometrically represented by different blocks and pieces of the sofa suggesting a skyscraper each, while the round back rest envisions the moon enlightening he entire city. The detail work is amazing: the fabric of the sofa is woven in such a way that it looks like the windows of the skyscrapers are being lit up by its inhabitants, for a natural, warm setting.

We love this original design, it is one of the most beautiful things we came across this year!

Photo souce