You love your evenings in the garden. All your family and friends gathered on wooden chairs, the clear sky and the wonderful smell of fresh grass. Nothing compares to a relaxing evening outdoors! If only you could watch your favorite movie here, together with all these people you love! You would pop 10 bowls of corn and open 20 beers and that would be a night to remember!

Well, thanks to CineBox Home, now you can set up this perfect night with outdoor cinema! Open Air Cinema designed and produced this amazing portable home cinema system that can be mounted by anyone who finished third grade. All you have to do is inflate the 5 sq m screen with the electric air blower, place the projector, the powerful outdoor speakers and the audio mixer, plug them all in, insert the movie and enjoy the action!

When the movie is done, simply deflate the screen, place it in its special bag and carry it to the next backyard cinema! It is that easy!

You can order it here.

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