This cutie is a new entry-level mirrorless compact camera. In English, this means that it takes professional photos when handled by amateurs.  The plastic body makes is very light and easy to handle, so it is not only gorgeous but also comfortable.

The Samsung NX 1000 has 20.3 megapixels, a ISO range from 100 to 12.800 and the kit comes with a 20-50 mm lens, perfect for portraits and details. There is no built in or pop-up flash but you can mount the one included in the kit if you want to.

It also records HD, has a built in wi-fi connector and benefits from the friendly i-Function Samsung system, which allows you to control the camera through all manual settings (if you don’t want to use the Auto settings).

We think this is the perfect holiday camera. Easy to carry and use, beautiful, it makes gorgeous photos. If you don’t like pink, the Samsung NX 1000 is available in white and black as well.

A professional review of this camera is here.

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