OMG, this MUST be the most amazing thing that ever crossed my eyes! Ever!

A multicolor pompon carpet. I could lay on it for a life time and not get tired or bored. Just bring me a fridge full of La Strada ice cream and let me lay on the MYK bommel carpet for one entire century, please, I ask nothing more! It must be so fluffy and friendly and velvety that I am decided to get one no matter how long it takes!

What is a bommel, you ask? Well, my friend, a bommel is a pompon.  A bundled wool thread rolled, tied and cut into these perfect spherical bundles of joy which then, sewn together tightly, give form to an amazing bear carpet, a poodle cushion or a soft garden chair.

A lot of work and material, plus the original design, raise the price of this multicolor carpet to 11.500 USD. But it’s totally worth it, if you ask me.

And who is the company who designed this splendid stuff? MYK is a German company set in Berlin by fashion designer Myra Klose. She made a career out of designing and creating what she calls cozy furniture and soft sculptures. All her creations are handcrafted in Germany.

The MYK website is here.