What time is it? It’s the present time. A true and full of meaning response you will get every time you will take a short look at your watch. This beautiful design signed by Daniel Will Harris for Project Watches is simple, elegant, yet outstanding.

Because indeed we all need to be reminded to live in the present, to stop reliving the past and let the future play its own cards. The smart watch only shows you the present time, not the past or the future.

The Past Present Future watch is made of stainless steel and is water-resistant to 100 feet. You can have it with silicone or Leather band for the 40 mm dial or the mesh stainless steel band for 33mm dial.

Designer’s Daniel Will-Harris work is considered by MoMa “truly unique.” Daniel Will-Harris is a computer graphics pioneer who wrote the book on computer typography, design and publishing in print and on the web.

The Past Present Future Watch is available here.

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