You are invited to the most glamorous red carpet event of the year. You are wearing a designer outfit, gorgeous shoes and the perfect diamond accessories. And in your left hand, trying to hide from the eyes of the guests and the press cameras, rests your iPhone. Because you can’t go anywhere without it. It is a beautiful phone, no one can deny that, but is it red carpet material?

It could be, if you kept it in one of these:

They go perfectly with an haute couture dress or with a perfectly fit tuxedo. It is made out of posh quilted lamb leather and the interior is 100% padded, so your iFriend is always protected. The outside is decorated with gold-tone hardware, a quilted pattern and signature plaque at front.

How about the rest of your iFriends? Well, Michael Kors also designed a beautiful iPad case with similar design that comes in three colors: black, vanilla and red.

We absolutely love the red one!