The hammock is one of the coolest objects ever invented. The guy with the hammock gets the most beautiful girls. The girl with the hammock has the best beauty sleeps. A hammock has something wild in it, probably because it was designed to help you get comfortable even in the most un-comfortable places out there. A hammock is a real pleasure to sit in. It embraces your body without letting it go numb, it sways in the mild breeze, it can be hanged in the shadow of two strong trees or in the quietness of your terrace.
And if the hammock looks like this one, well, you got yourself the perfect setting.

This Rainbow hammock made by the Yellow Leaf is one of the most popular hammocks in the world. Thousands of happy customers speak of prolonged use, high resistance, water proof ability, tons of comfort and coziness and great design. It is hand-woven out of 4.3 miles of soft yam, so it holds up to 120 Kilos.
You can order it here.

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