Oversized accessories are still in trend this year. And we like them because they stand out and have the ability of transforming a common outfit into an extravagant style display.

This Oscar de la Renta resin rose ring caught our eye when we were browsing the web for a special piece of jewelry to wear at a lingerie shop opening. And it was so sensual and beautiful that we decided it was perfect for the occasion.

The statement ring is gold plated and carved in resin, then painted in the most vibrant hue of red. It is a great match for an all red cocktail dress, but it goes well with jeans and a white lace shirt you wear at an ice cream tasting event.

The memorable Oscar de la Renta rose ring is available for sale here.

There is also a more elegant model in white, available here.

Photo sources: Net-a-Porter and Oscar de la Renta