Ice cream is known to be a light dessert. It is usually made with milk, whipped cream or sour cream, even egg yolk, sugar and the oh-so-loved aromas: cocoa, vanilla, caramel, fruits etc. And air. Most of all air. In the production process, the ice cream is aerated, which reduces its density and gives it that specific, lightweight texture that we all adore.

Less well known, however, is that, among ice creams, there is an even lighter specialty, namely SORBETO. Not to be confused with the sherbet that used to be served by our grandmothers at 5 o’clock, with a glass of cold water ­čśŐ.

SORBETO is a fat-free type of ice cream. And yet so smooth and creamy, when done properly. LA STRADA SORBETO has a high real fruit content, selected from the best varieties and picked only when ripe, so the aroma and the texture of the fruit are perfect. Fruits are transformed into a smooth puree, that is then mixed with water and a little sugar, without adding any dairy fat, and therefore with a low-calorie count. There is also a secret ingredient that makes the difference and that is the craftsmanship of the ice cream maker, such as Bertrand – Ma├«tre Glacier Fran├žais, the creator of the wonderful LA┬áSTRADA recipes.

This is why LA STRADA SORBETO is a delightfully tasty dessert best served a couple of minutes after being taken out of the freezer. Waiting is not easy, but you will be rewarded with the most amazing sensory experience.

And if you are ready to take it to the next level, try a SORBETO based cocktail. Let yourself be inspired by our list of cocktails, just a click away on