The Nederland buyers must be really important for Germen luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche. For them and for them only, Porsche will launch the Red 7 Boxster S limited edition. Pre-orders have already started in Amsterdam, so if you are a true fan of the brand, you should hurry up. Only seven of these amazing Boxsters will be produced.

Why amazing? The Boxster S was already a very powerful and slick convertible. The kind of sports car that catches all eyes while speeding on the highway or cruising downtown. The limited edition comes with a facelift, a vibrant red body color, 20-inch matte gray rims, engine hood and mirror casings.

The occupants of the car are pampered with black leather seats, red accents on the central console, a high tech Bose audio system and Porsche’s communication management system. The 3.4 liter engine produces 315 HP. The limited edition Boxster S will have lower suspension and an exhaust system with black tips.

If we were to leave for the French Riviera on a road trip, this Porsche Red 7 Boxster will definitely make our adventure more fun. We would pack the small trunk with La Strada Raspberry sorbet cups and we’d be on our way!

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