Everybody loves chocolate! Brussels is famous for its numerous truffle shops and gourmet shops, but one of them stands out by being the first one situated under a Concept Hotel. The hotel itself is inspired by chocolate: the color and texture of the furniture, the smell, the atmosphere, all reminds us of the perfectly rich and tasty cocoa desert.

The Concept Hotel has only three big bedrooms and a living room meant to accommodate excess guests from its largest and older sister, Le Coup de Coeur Hotel. Because it is so small, they advertise it as a Bed & Breakfast.  To access the stairs of the Concept Hotel, you need to go through the chocolate shop underneath it, and for that alone we believe a short stay here is quite a treat!

This gives us an idea: maybe we should think about designing and building our astonishing La Strada Ice Cream Concept Hotel. It would be le-gen-da-ry!0020

The official site is here .

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