It appeared on the cover of Elle France and on the cover of Stiletto (see photos on your right).

The oversized version presented on the cat walk did not go into production, but the smaller version, part of 2013 spring summer Chanel collection is already in shops and on sale.

Lagerfeld explained after the show the hula hoop bag was first presented that it was originally designed as a beach bag, hence the dimensions: ‘you need a lot of space for the beach towel and then you can put it into the sand and hang thins on it’, Lagerfeld said to the press.

Even though the oversized model did not go into production, a few celebs were spotted wearing it on the street. Here is Mr. Kyle Anderson, accessories director for Marie Claire Magazine in a picture posted on Instagram by Jeremy Langmead, editor in Chief of Mr. Porter online fashion guide.

Photo source: Jeremy Langmead and Chanel.