In our search for the outstanding, we sometimes forget that the best things in life are the simple things. Industrial designer Andrew Mitchell is here to remind us of that. His Lamp no. 2 design is so simple it is mind blowing: a perfectly spherical blown glass light bulb completely transparent and with no embellishment or adornment whatsoever. Because a lightning object can be the center of attention without being loud. It can be amazing by being effective and discreet.
In order for this gorgeous idea to work, the actual light bulb placed in the Mitchell Lamp no. 2 has to be a traditional simple bulb, not an energy-saving led.

The effect is mind-blowing through its simplicity and clarity. The smaller light bulb placed in the exact center of the light-bulb lamp is full of meanings and symbols, not to mention purely beautiful.
UK based Andrew Mitchell has worked for Nokia Design UK and now he is a design consultant for the biggest design company in UK. You can browse his portfolio here.
Photo source: Coroflot/Andrew Mitchell

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