We’ve always considered lingering in a hammock a truly selfish experience. You need you space and time, so you leave the madding crowd behind and you go seek silence and rest in the back of the yard or on that isolated beach where your private hammock awaits.

Well, not anymore, because the folks at Trinity Hammocks invented this pretty cool setting that includes three perfect hammocks bound together under a beautiful shade and with a suspended teak table in the middle. You can set it practically anywhere, on the beach, in the forest, on the terrace or in the backyard.

The Trinity Hammocks come in two designs: the Eternity model, shaded by a stylish gazebo, and the Infinity, a modern rounded structure that also rocks when occupied. Both models have stainless steel frames and the hammocks come either quilted or in hand-woven acrylic yarn, you get to choose the material when you order (both are waterproof).

We love the idea and the design and can’t wait to test it on a secluded beach in the Caribbean Islands.

You can buy these beauties here.

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