To those who say all outdoor chairs are the same, we reply that there are so many things that could go wrong (from the material used to the shape of the backrest) that it is really difficult to find a good comfortable chair. According to our vast experience as longterm outdoor lovers, only a few chairs are indeed perfectly designed and produced.

Vista Adirondack Chair looks like it is made by perfectionists for perfectionists. We haven’t tried it yet, but it is on our wish list. This beautiful outdoor armchair is made entirely out of certified natural dried teak wood treated so it can resist the wear and passing of years without marks. The wide arm rests benefit the natural texture of the wood, which makes them a pleasure to touch. The backrest is anatomical and comfortable and the feet rest is detachable and adjustable, so that you can arrange it to your taste and wishes every time.
The Adirondack Chair is perfect for a brunch at the beach or a barbecue in the back yard. If you try it before we do, please let us know how great it is!

Available for sale here.

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